We are about to change the way you see shoes. Forget what you think you know. In an era of change – everything is new. And understanding how shoes create waste is a brand new concept that most consumers are unaware of, or not conscious about at all.

Shoe Waste is the garbage that is left behind in the landfills and garbage dumps around the industrial world. A cool pair of kicks results in 40-60 years of improper decomposing. The perfect color red bottoms resulted in the inhalation of chromatic toxic fumes. The vegan sandal made 100% with synthetic toxins that are harmful to humans and animal alike – is not a fashion trend to follow.

All of these create a problem that can be diverted with the true meaning of sustainability in a green circular economy. We will show you how.

Shoe Waste is a sustainable project created by Tanita Gray of Last-Report.com and ALL PLANET CONGLOMERATE, INC.

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