The footwear industry produces 23.5 Billion pairs of shoes annually for 7.6 Billion people in the world.

The average person owns over 8 pairs of shoes. Shoe collectors and enthusiasts own over 50 pairs or more.

A shoe company can dump over 800 pounds of unsellable and unwearable shoes every 3 months creating over 3200 pounds of Shoe Waste each year – minimum. Shoes can take up to 40 years to decompose. Minimal math to a massive impact.


Take our Sustainable Footwear Design, Development & Manufacturing course, and understand the footwear industry to fully adopt any change in its system. You will learn how shoes are made, what technology is out there, and what can be done to curb Shoe Waste.


Cultivate ideas that are part of a solution. There is an overproduction of footwear in the global market. Gain insight from a community of insiders that want to change industry operations and foster consumer education.


Design a new path for the industry. What solutions can we create that will result in true sustainability? Innovation has to solve a problem – not create new ones. Sustainable design is more than organic materials and simple lines.

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