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Los Angeles Sanitation

Staff from the LA Sans waste division and its manager, Michael Simpson completed our Sustainable Design, Development & Manufacturing course. What we are planning to do is implement pilot programs to help reduce Shoe Waste in Los Angeles from the factories to the consumer. The pilot programs slated for 2022 launch are the following:

A) Sustainable Footwear Design Challenge (9/15-11/15/-2021) – where the winning design will be made in local Los Angeles footwear factory.

UPDATE: We found a WINNER! Winning design will be produced in a local Los Angeles footwear factory.

Design release 2022 Summer.

B) Sustainable Footwear Manufacturing Guidelines – for our local manufactures to help comply with global Green initiatives. The Shoe Waste Guide will have input from local manufacturers addressing their concerns and developing a plan for economic growth.

C) Buy-Back programs and incentives for consumers, brands and manufacturers to return unusable and unwanted shoes to its origin.

D) Shoe Waste Disposal Hub – a facility to deconstruct, clean and sort collected unusable shoes for distribution and proper disposal. The Shoe Waste hub will break ground in 2023.

E) Initiation of the Extended Producer Responsibility for Footwear in Los Angeles, CA. In front of legislation – will take place 2023.

F) Bill we support and are waiting for! SB1187

Spring 2022 the first pilot program winning result (A) will be on display and announced during a sustainable development forum held in Los Angeles, CA. The forum will feature panel discussions from industry experts, local legislation, brands and consumers as the balance of the pilot program roll-out will be revealed accordingly.

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