Sustainable Footwear Design, Development & Manufacturing Course is now partnered with Last-Report.

Designing a footwear collection that is sustainable is met with many challenges. The good thing is that this course will help you navigate those objections and put you on the right path to sustainable design. 

This course provides:

  • access to our quarterly 4hr LIVE workshops
  • a workbook with a physical swatch guide from sustainable suppliers
  • footwear factory resources
  • shoe templates
  • digital downloads
  • video content
  • live CLUBHOUSE group and Q&A sessions
  • certificate of completion when you attend a workshop (in-person or online)

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Professionals brushing up on their career skills
  • Beginners in fashion footwear
  • Educators
  • Curious to understand how shoes are made 
  • Sustainable/System Change Makers
  • Circular Economy Strategists
  • ANYONE can take this course if you are wanting to understand the future of footwear and the circular economy.